TMC Reef-Pump Connect 2500

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Creating the perfect flow for your tank...
and making your fish feel at home

Good circulation is at the heart of every successful aquarium...

An innovative electronic pump technology for high power and flow rates combined with efficient energy consumption.

• Variable speed control with up to 20 different speed settings.
• Soft Start feature to increase impeller life.
• Integrated Bluetooth BLE connectivity - fully controllable from a smart phone or tablet via the app
(free to download from the App Store or Google Play).
• Super quiet running.

• Integrated 10 minute feed timer to allow easy feeding.
• Wet and dry application - suitable for submersible or dry applications.*
*additional fittings required.
• Perfect for modern reef and freshwater aquaria.

Flow Rate (l/h) 2500
Min Power (w) 10
Max Power (w) 50
Voltage 24
Dimensions (mm) 122 x 72 x 130
Outlet (mm) 20 / 25
Max Head (m) 3.5

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