The journey started when Cellar Freshwater Aquatics opened its doors in 2011 catering for all freshwater enthusiasts. Both myself and my father found such a love for the hobby that we wanted to share this with as many people as we could.
Then at the beginning of 2016 we decided to make an expansion on the business and increase the number of tanks we have by another 35 and creating the marine section introducing Cellar Marine.
We have new stock in on a weekly basis. We have regular imports from all around the world of all types of fish, corals and inverts to satisfy everyone’s different tank requirements.
We dose our fish only systems with copper 24/7 to help with diseases together with a lower salinity. Regardless of how long certain fish have been with us we treat all our fish only systems with a Fluke and parasite treatment weekly. UK wholesale purchased fish are monitored daily to ensure they are acting normal and feeding before resale. All imported fish are kept for a minimum of 2 weeks before resale to ensure they are eating and acting normal and carrying no parasites. Our invert system is separate from the fish systems to ensure no cross contamination. Our coral table is also on a separate system away from the fish and inverts.
Lee & Jade
Soon to be husband and wife, we have spent years trying to perfect what we do to offer our customers the very best that we can give.We go above and beyond to ensure all our customers receive the very best before and after care. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and maintaining our excellent reputation within the hobby.