We have close to a 99% success rate on our livestock shipping due to our picking and packing techniques.

However, the unfortunate event that an item is dead on arrival you must follow the below procedure to prevent your claim from being decline.

  • You must make contact with us via email within 2 hours of receiving your order. 
  • You must send us a clear photo of the livestock in the original bag still sealed. The photo must be clear and show the entire bag.
  • You must then send a clear video via WhatsApp or email of the livestock in the original bag still sealed showing no movement. If you have sent via WhatsApp, please include your name and order number.

This allows us to review your claim and refund accordingly. Due to the nature of your purchase, should you not make contact within 2 hours, refund claims will not be considered.

Once your claim has been processed a refund will be honoured for the cost of the item EXCLUDING the cost of postage within 72 hours.

Please note that the acclimatisation process and how the livestock settle into your aquarium is your responsibility as this is out of our hands. There are a number of factors out of our control such as

  • Existing fish becoming aggressive towards your new additions
  • Incorrect water parameters - PH / Ammonia / Nitrite Levels.
  • Incorrect acclimatisation process carried out, introduced livestock too soon which will cause too much stress to the livestock.

*Therefore we are unable to cover the livestock once they have been delivered and introduced into your aquarium*

Refunds will NOT be considered if you miss delivery and your order is taken to the sorting office. Returns are not accepted on livestock.

If you have your order delivered to an alternative place to where your aquarium is, such as a work address or family members address, we STRONGLY recommend that you make provision to begin the acclimatisation process as quickly as possible.

The livestock bags will need to be brought to temperature immediately by 'floating' they will also need fresh water and oxygen as quickly as possible.

We strongly recommend that you quarantine any new additions before introducing to your main tank. As with any livestock, we cannot be 100% sure of their condition once they leave us, therefore you should always carry out your own quarantine process.

Should you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.