Red Sea Trace Colors B Potassium+ 500ml

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Red Sea Trace-Colours Potassium+ 500ml

To make up the additional 31 minor trace elements Red Sea have split these into four main groups, A Iodine+, B Potassium+, C Iron+ and D Bioactive Elements. Dosing these minor elements is related to the production of colour pigments of corals in both new and thriving mature reef aquariums.

Trace-Colours B Potassium+ is a Potassium and Boron complex which has been associated with promoting the strong red colours (red chromo-proteins) within the soft tissue of corals and other vital biological processes.

Potassium has an essential role in transporting nutrients within the soft tissue, including nutrients provided by the zooxanthellae.

Dosing has been made very easy for the Red Sea’s Trace-Colours with a simple 10 – 1 Calcium uptake ratio. For example, for every 3ml of Calcium supplement, you would add 0.3ml Trace Elements supplements A, B, C & D.

At a Glance

500ml Bottle

Promotes red pigments in corals

Part of a 4 part program, Trace-Colours

To be used alongside other products within the RCP Program

Potassium and Boron complex

Dosing with a 10 – 1 Calcium uptake ratio

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