Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer

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The dual output of the turbine duo pump body used inside features a patented dual needle wheel design that creates much finer micro bubbles to more efficiently carry proteins to the skimmers collection cup.

Small Footprint
Big Skimmer
Don't be fooled by its size, the AD600 rated for up to 450 gallon (1,700 litre) tanks!

Quick releases makes maintenance easy
With our quick release design, you can now remove the skimmate collection cup easily and elegantly.

Ingeniously Hidden Silencer
The air silencer has been integrated into the bottom panel of the skimmer.

Precision Water Level Control
Adjust the water level precisely and easily with the front dial.

Patented Dual Needle Wheel Design

Model AD600
Wattage 40w
Heavy Stocking 400L/100Gal
Normal Stocking 1,700L/450Gal
Foot Print 260×210mm/
Height 565mm/22.2inches
Water Level 18-24cm/7-9.5inches
Air Intake 1,500L/H / 396G/H
Water Intake 2,400L/H / 634G/H

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