Gamma NutraPlus Liquid LPS Coral Mix Suspension 100ml

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Gamma NutraPlus Food Suspensions are easily digestible liquid foods suitable for aquarium inhabitants  

They are an ultra convenient way of getting all the benefits of our Gamma Frozen Foods, but without the need for a freezer!  

Ready to use - can be added directly to the tank (no mixing or defrosting required)  

Gamma NutraPlus 

LPS Coral Mix

Mixed, concentrated liquid feed suspension, using a mix of crustaceans, plankton and marine algae 
Specially formulated for frequent feeding of large polyped stony corals (LPS) and other large marine invertebrates. Feed several times weekly or as frequently as required, ensuring full consumption and no wastage 

Ingredients: Water, crustacean derivatives, phytoplankton (Tetraselmis), salt, spirulina, aquatic appropriate yeasts, EU permitted antioxidants and stabilisers 

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