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For the serious marine hobbyist, FANG Marine Omnivore gel is the best. From our premium protein coming from black soldier fly larvae, whole fish meal, and krill to our nutrient rich supplements such as alfalfa, kelp, dandelion, spirulina, and marigold your marine fish will thrive. FANG Marine Omnivore is made without grains (including hulls, brans, glutens) which leads to cleaner waste, a cleaner tank and a healthier pet. FANG Marine Omnivore is ALL FOOD, just what your fish need. 

FANG GELS are an advanced feeding system that come as a concentrate and gel when you add boiling water. Gel technology allows you to prepare a moist food for your animal that is superior to dehydrated flakes and pellets. Our diets are an advanced feeding system for fish, feeder insects, and reptiles that are scientifically formulated and biologically appropriate. When prepared, FANG Marine Omnivore is a complete gel diet. It is made with premium ingredients and without fillers designed for the following: various damselfish, various clownfish, green chromis, banggai cardinalfish, choral beauties, and other marine fish. 

Key Advantages
•    Highly nutritious: premium animal and plant proteins, 
antioxidants, vitamins/minerals
•    No grains (no soy, wheat, rice, corn, brans, or gluten)
•    No unwarranted ingredients: NO FILLERS
•    Color-enhancing ingredients
•    Sustainable Proteins
•    No artificial flavors or colors
•    Easily digestible
•    Cleaner waste provides a cleaner living environment
•    Promotes optimal growth
•    3 ounces makes approximately 1 pound of food


Stir in 1 part feed to 3 parts boiling water. Let sit at room temp until firm. Cut as desired. We recommend placing the prepared FANG gel in a low flow area and/or turn wave pumps and powerheads to feed mode. Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks (treat as fresh produce). DO NOT FREEZE. FANG diets are nutritionally dense; it is recommended that you feed less than traditional foods. 

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