ATM Outbreak!

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Outbreak! is an industrial strength biological proven in many zoos, commercial aquariums, and aquaculture facilities around the globe and is one of the most important livestock you’ll add to your system.


  • To drastically reduce present organics in the system
  • When odor is present
  • To keep filtration media clean
  • To turn bad feelings into good feelings.



Shake bottle vigorously to mix bacteria and enzymes. Initial Dose: Add 26 ml (1oz) of ATM Outbreak!TM for every 75 L (20 gal) directly into water. Repeat dose in 24 hours. Maintanence Dose: Add 26 ml (1oz) of ATM Outbreak!TM Freshwater for every 75 L (20 gal) directly into water weekly.

NOTE: Turn off or unplug UV sterilizers, proteind skimmers,  and ozone generators prior to and 48 hours after each introduction of ATM Outbreak!TM. Keep at room temperature.

Size / Treats
4oz (897 L) | 8oz (1,798 L) | 16oz (3,596 L)

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