Watermelon Psammocora Frags (Psammocora sp.)

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Lighting: Moderate / High
Water Flow: Strong
Care Level: Moderate

The  Psammocora is a hardy small polyp stony (SPS) coral that can live under a variety of lighting conditions provided by compact fluorescent, VHO, T-5's as well as the more intense metal halides. Alter its position in the aquarium depending on the lighting. In an aquarium lit by metal halides, the Psammocora should be kept in a mid to low position.

Under other lighting, Psammocora can be kept in a mid to high position. To bring out the most intense coloration of this coral, we recommend metal halide lighting along with strong water flow.

Keep in mind that this and other species of Psammocora can be sensitive to metal halide lighting, so take time acclimating the Psammocora under metal halide aquarium lighting.

Simply place the coral low in the aquarium for a few weeks until it opens fully and then slowly move the colony to the desired location. Make sure to place the Psammocora away from more aggressive corals as it has poor defenses.

For continued good health, Psammocora will also require the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water. It will benefit from additional food fed weekly in the form of chopped meaty items, baby brine shrimp or zooplankton.


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