Timor Wrasse (Halichoeres timorensis)

Size: Small (2"-3")
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Reef Safe: With Caution 
Care: Moderate 
Diet: Carnivore

The Timor Wrasse is known from shallow, coastal reefs with rocky substrates and dense coral and algal growth, to depths of 15m (49ft). This species is present only from Sri Lanka to Indonesia and is most often observed in small loose aggregations, dominated by a large male.
The Timor Wrasse makes a bright and fascinating addition to reef aquaria where no ornamental shrimp, snails, or fanworms are present. The tank should be mature and furnished with plenty of living rock to provide feeding opportunities, shady hiding places and visual barriers.
There should be a deep sand bed of around 3” (7.5cm) or so, in order that the wrasse may bury itself at night or if startled.
Keep either a single specimen, or, if the tank is large enough, a good sized group of 5 or 6 individuals (ideally introduced simultaneously).
Timor Wrasses are non-aggressive and may be kept alongside some of the more docile species such as firefish, flasher wrasses, and fairy wrasses. It is not uncommon for this species to clean other fishes in captivity and this behaviour should not be mistaken for aggression. Powerful filtration and circulation with a high level of oxygenation are a must, as are tight fitting coverslides; these fish are expert jumpers.
Timor Wrasse can often be observed searching for small live foods such as commensal flatworms, pyramidellid snails (clam parasites), urchins, tiny isopods, and small bristleworms.

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