Swissguard Basslet (Liopropoma swalesi)

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Reef Safe: Yes
Care:  Moderate
Diet: Carnivore

The Swissguard Basslet, is an eye-catching addition to the home saltwater aquarium. Displaying an elongated body of orange and purple horizontal stripes. The dorsal and caudal fins rimmed in blue or purple with large black spots.


An excellent peaceful reef-dwelling fish, however the Swissguard Basslet may pose a threat to smaller, ornamental crustaceans that can fit into their mouth. Provide at least a 10-gallon tank for a single individual.

As a carnivore, the  Swissguard Basslet will thrive on a diet of meaty foods including marine fish, crustacean flesh, mysis shrimp, and quality frozen preparations.

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