Seneye Reef V2

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Seneye reef product is aimed at reef aquarium keepers and planted aquarium owners. The device has a full light meter able to measure LUX, Kelvin and PAR.

  • Easy to use
  • Constantly monitoring
  • reliable and accurate early warning before fish killed
  • convenient and suitable alerts
  • clear explaination of the problem
  • correct advice
Seneye will be the first combined product to constantly monitor life critical parameters for both freshwater or saltwater aquatics. The device will be available with a wired USB connection and with an optional wireless module to increase range and convenience. With an optional USB power adaptor it can work autonomously. Easy to understand feedback is created on the device using indicator lights. The results are displayed on the customers computer and also online, allowing for remote monitoring. The sophisticated software analyses the results and warns before the fish will become harmed. Features
  • multiple parameters monitored
  • remains constantly in aquarium
  • constantly monitors 4 key life critical parameters
  • additional measurement of 6 parameters
  • easy to use
  • uses standard USB connector to any PC
  • doesnt need computer connection
  • remote monitoring
  • text message and online results with predications and advice
Please note you have to replace the consumable slide which tests the PH and NH3 which lasts for 1 month and makes nearly 3000 readings each month. 

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