Rossmont Skimmer SX2000

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  • World's first programmable skimmer
  • Q max pump: 3500 L/h
  • Max Power consumption: 34W
  • Reaction chamber capacity: 9L
  • Cup capacity: 2L
  • Rated voltage: 230VAC - 50Hz
  • Sump water level: 23cm
  • Overall dimensions (cm): L:22 W:36,5 H:53
  • Compatible with Rossmont Waver Controller

The new Rossmont Skimer SX2000 is more than controllable: it's programmable.

Rossmont Skimer is the world's first programmable protein skimmer for marine aquariums designed to fit most of the sumps in the market thanks to the double placement of the motor and its small footprint.

The pump with needlewheel impeller is calibrated to get an extreme performance though maintaining a very quiet operation. Placed externally, it has the advantage to give the maximum contact time to proteins and air bubbles along with the highest capacity of the reaction chamber while its connection to skimmer body is conceived to get it apart in a breeze by simply pulling it away.

Use a Rossmont Waver to get fully programmable skimmer! Not included. 

For tanks up to 2000L

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