Phantom Bannerfish (Heniochus pleurotaenia)

Size: Small (2"-3")
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Reef Safe: With Caution
Care: Easy
Diet: Omnivore

The Phantom Bannerfish, also known as the Phantom Butterflyfish, has two distinctive "horns" protruding from its forehead when mature, along with a partial white band between its ventral and anal fins.

The Phantom Bannerfish can be kept in a 125 gallon or larger aquarium. This species can be territorial on occasion when maintained with other Bannerfish species, so it is best to introduce all species of Bannerfish to the tank at the same time. Phantom Bannerfish are generally shy fish when first introduced, preferring plenty of hiding places in which to shelter. The fish will get more comfortable with the surroundings in no time, and will stay out in the open if not being harassed by other tankmates. Phantom Bannerfish can be kept in pairs or small groups in a larger aquarium. They are an excellent fish when used to control aiptasia, or glass anemones, in the reef aquarium. Use caution when introducing into the reef aquarium, this species of Bannerfish may nip at corals.

Heniochus are largely plankton eaters in the wild. A diet of frozen, freeze-dried, fresh or flake food is readily accepted. Also provide regular vegetable food source and vitamin-boosting supplements.

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