Royal Pencil Wrasse (Pseudojuloides severnsi)

Size: Small (2"-3")
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Reef Safe: With Caution
Care: Difficult
Diet: Carnivore

The Royal Pencil Wrasse is known from open areas that are covered with rocks, rubble, and coral patches, at depths from 12-40m (39-131ft). It is usually observed in small harems, comprised of one male and several females, browsing the substrate for molluscs and foraminiferans. This elongate wrasse is one of 11 currently known species of Pseudojuloides, and although all are incredibly beautiful, this genus is considered rather delicate and does have some specialist care requirements that must be fulfilled by the advanced aquarist if these fish are to acclimatise well to life in captivity. The Royal Pencil Wrasse requires a very mature, spacious aquarium with plenty of healthy live rock and sand that supports its natural diet on an ongoing basis, if it is to thrive. 

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