Illusion Damsel - (Chromis dimidiata)

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Reef Safe: Yes
Care: Easy
Diet: Carnivore


Inhabits reef faces and slopes at depths between 3 to about 100 feet (1 – 30 m) and often found in small shoals, about ten, where it feeds mainly on planktonic crustaceans (copepods, mysis, and shrimp larvae), fish eggs, and algae.

Rarely seen in the trade, having a body with its frontal half brownish black, and its rear half white.

As with most Chromis species (unless noted differently), quite hardy, peaceful, and better maintained in small groups of at least five to seven members. Should be given wide-open swimming areas, as they are open water swimmers almost always in the upper aquarium areas, and non-aggressive tankmates.

As to diet, will eat most regular aquarium foods, e.g., live fortified brine shrimp and/or finely chopped various frozen or fresh meaty foods such as mysis, squid, fish flesh, shrimp, clam, etc., and plant material, e.g., flake foods, especially those containing Spirulina and should be offered several times daily.



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