Golden Heart Trigger (Balistes Punctatus)

Size: Large (4" +)
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Reef Safe: No
Care: Moderate
Diet: Carnivore


The golden hear trigger is also known as a Bluespotted Triggerfish. This is a very pretty fish with a light yellowish colored body covered in dark spots and blue markings, with a bright gold-colored spot on each side. Somewhat rarely seen in the general trade/local shops because it's not only quite aggressive, its large size requires an aquarium at least that of about 200 gallons to house it correctly!

In the home aquarium, they require a meaty diet, e.g., chopped fish, shrimp, squid, and clam flesh, and/or meaty type frozen carnivore foods with two or three feedings per day highly recommended. If maintained with other fish, they should be larger more aggressive fish, such as large moray eels, snappers, angelfish, tangs or other larger fish that can defend themselves, yet not lionfish, as they are too slow moving and a target for fin nipping. May also re-aquascape your aquarium and make a mess of the sandbed due to its constant searching for infauna/invertebrates. Will also bite the hand that feeds it, so do not place your hands in the aquarium! As to its environmental needs, provide enough rocky caves for it to hide or sleep in. Keep in mind that generally its recommended not more than one triggerfish be kept per aquarium unless a mated pair, and furthermore, that it be the last fish to be placed into the aquarium.

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