Orange Branching Frogspawn Euphyllia paradivisa)

Size: 1 Head
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Lighting: Moderate
Water Flow: Moderate
Care Level: Moderate

Euphyllia paradivisa, or branching frogspawn coral, is a species of large-polyped stony coral belonging to the Euphylliidae family. It shares the common name of frogspawn coral with Euphyllia divisa, but is differentiated as the branching frogspawn whereas Euphyllia divisa has a wall structure. It is a commonly kept species in the marine aquarium hobby.

Colonies of Euphyllia paradivisa are made up of branching, separate corallites. Polyps have branching tentacles. Color is pale greenish-grey or pink (in rare instances) with lighter tentacle tips. Euphyllia paradivisa displays fluorescence when the chromatophores of its zooxanthellae and the coral host pigments are excited by blue-dominated light.


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