Marbled Starfish (fromia elegans)

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The Marble Starfish is one of the hardiest of the Starfish family. They are still quite sensitive to changes in pH, temperature, and salinity changes. Fromia require a very long and slow acclimation period prior to introduction into the display aquarium.

Fromia sea stars consume microorganisms and an almost invisible film alga. Because of this, they should be introduced into well established aquaria that has been running no less than 1 year . Fromia starsfish stay relatively small and are better suited for smaller aquariums.
If introduced to a large well established aquarium, very little can be done to supplement the Fromia diet as its main sustenance consists of microorganisms and film algae that is invisible to the naked eye. Fromia Starfish are not considered to be good candidates for algae control problems and will likely perish in an aquarium with excessive algae problems. The algae they consume usually grows in only established and seasoned aquariums.

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