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Arcadia Biophos is a fantastic water treatment for aquarium reactors, helping to remove the dangerous phosphates from your water that otherwise help algae to grow in your otherwise sublime underwater oasis.

This great treatment from Arcadia is designed for use in an aquarium reactor. Bio-Phos is made from synthetic Iron Hydroxide and will work to eradicate phosphates, which are one of the key causes of algae blooms.

Simply add the media to a filter bag and place in the reactor. As the water passes through and is exposed to this hard working treatment, all traces of phosphates are removed. The Arcadia Gyractor Aquarium Reactor is a perfect tool for the job, as it easily fluidises media for amazing water clarity and health.

It will work to remove high levels of phosphate from the water, without leaving a dust residue and as it doesn't break down easily, it's long lasting and high performing for perfect results.

Available in three great sizes, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml. 1000ml will treat 16,000 litres of fresh water or 8,000 litres of salt water.

Directions for use:

  • Pop the media into a mesh filter bag.
  • Place in an area of high flow in the reactor's media chamber.
  • Test the water regularly, if phosphate levels rise this indicates that the Bio-Phos needs replacing.


Superbly efficient, 100ml of BioPhos will remove 4ppm of phosphate per 1000 litres of salt water or 2000 litres of fresh water.

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